new jr blog

As I find myself doing more and more junior related posts I’ve decided to move them to a separate blog in an attempt to keep this one more clean and streamlined.


From now on I will post all junior and jWEST (probably Fuma aswell) stuff over here at jjrcorner and this blog will become more solely focused on Ueda and KAT-TUN  (and occasionally dokkun and shibuyan).

Basically if you prefer the older generations of Johnny’s you should stay here, if you prefer the younger generation head over to jjrcorner. But you are of course welcome to follow both. However I will probably still reblog Taiga here cause I love him.


All of my junior post here will be reblogged to the new blog and properly tagged and stored. 

KAMEDA 2013.04

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this asshole

[gestures to favorite band member]

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2012 JCD (Ueda). Scanned by me.


Shibutani Subaru

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