Nakamaru's 31st celebration @ Hiroshima


KAT-TUN Live @ Hiroshima MC


Part 1
Nakamaru was fretting over his hairstyle
N: It’s always been the same, so I was thinking of perming it
K: I suppose you gotta keep it longer before you can do so.
K: Anyway, I’ve made an appointment to perm my hair.


Like idols like fans


KAT-TUN MC @ Hiroshima 130914

K: Everyone will come to my hotel room after they showered, right?
Fans: Sou desu ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N: What are you gonna do if all of them really went to your room!? (lol)
K: Ah…hold on a moment, let me do a check first. [He turned backward and checked…


[Photoset] KAT-TUN LiveTour 2014 - Ueda Tatsuya

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I’m about to flip some tables. The homophobic/racist party, the Sweden democrats, got 13% in the Swedish election today. For real Sweden what are you doing!? And the Christian democrats didn’t even get kicked out of parliament.

I’m so disappointed, how can one in ten vote for inequality and racism?


Swedish parliament election 2014.

I literally feel like crying. I’ve never been this upset by an election result before. Is this really the Sweden I’m living in, the people I living with? I can’t believe so many people vote for a racist and overall discriminating, inhumane party!

No one from the red parties seems to be celebrating that they seem to be winning this year. There is no victory to celebrate. Instead we have all lost to those ~13% of the population who vote against equal human rights.


【ZIP!】5:54 亀梨和也がスパイに!? 最新映像公開

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9/9 KAT-TUN spotted at Kumamoto 【KAT-TUNの世界一タメになる旅!】 ロケ

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Anonymous asked:
hi sorry to bother you but what is this msoddish. tumblr. com/ post/93317972331 from? do you have any links (pref. with eng subs) that would go with it? thank you <3

That gifset is from the Countdown live MC, you can download the whole DVD over at my journal. I do not believe anyone has subbed it yet. 

Posted a gifset for Art of Life over at my journal instead of here to prevent spoiling it for those who does not want to see it.

For those of you who do wish to see it head over here.

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Happy 31st Birthday Nakamaru Yuichi ♥

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